From Indore

Ambulance driver, 29-year-old Sunil Vishwakarma, who took Corona patients to a regular hospital, says he has been out of the house for 31 days. So far, more than 100 patients have been taken to the hospital. While staying away from the family, he has made his home in the police station itself. His family lives in Indore. There is a four-month-old son and a five-year-old son in the house.


From Datia

Nowadays people are staying at home and spending quality time with their family but on the other hand our ambulance paramedic Deepak from Datia District M.P is doing his responsibility by sacrificing and staying away from his family for serving the people of the nations . He got a chance to have lunch in the house but still he maintained social distance from his wife and child again for their safety and again came back on duty”


AAA Foundation over last 15 years has been making efforts to recognize the efforts of Ambulance Crew in India who have been championing the cause of quality pre hospital care. These unsettling times brought about by the global COVID-19 outbreak, leads us to reflect on what we can and should be doing.


Currently we all will agree that Frontline Healthworks of India are the backbone against the pandemic fight. This includes thousands of Doctors, nurses, paramedic, pathological staff and ambulance staff.

Worldwide, as millions of people stay at home to minimise transmission of any disease, whereas health-care workers prepare to do the exact opposite. In any country health-care workers are most valuable resource. They have not moved away from the call of duty even as they struggle to keep themselves and their family safe.

Moreover, when the frontline becomes incapacitated, the health system disintegrates, alongside concerns for their personal safety, health-care workers are anxious about passing the infection to their families. Given our huge population and shortage of healthcare workers, the situation needs to be addressed immediately.


One of the most important part of these frontline healthcare workers are the AMBULANCE CREW who are the first to respond to patients transfer effected by COVID -19 to transfer them for testing or stabilizing them on board or during transfers to isolation wards designated by the state governments in India. Thus, bringing them and their immediate family in forefront of contacting the disease.

We at AAA Foundation realise that the need is so much more to cope with the unprecedented scale and complexity that coronavirus in the country has thrown up. And as the number of cases and deaths rise, it becomes ever more urgent for us to take a step forward to create fund for medical and welfare of the Ambulance Staff and their immediate family. Our goal is to help medical staff keep moving forward - healthy and safe. We are optimistic that by supporting healthcare workers across India today, we are setting up for a stronger tomorrow.

This is an initiative by AAA Foundation and Life Supporters Institute of Health Science to raise funds for Healthcare Workers, Ambulance Crew (Drivers, Helper and Paramedic) and their families in India. This crew are part of Ziqitza Healthcare, an organization that has been operating in India since 2005 and has saved over 24 million lives.

Thus, we request you to please extent your valuable support and while our Ambulance staff are leaving no stones unturned to safeguard your lives


Due to the transmission of the deadly virus were all healthcare workers are more prone to get infected, the money will be used to provided them PPE Kits and to create long-term contingency fund for Ambulance Staff ( Driver, Paramedic, Helpers & Doctors) and will be used to provide personal safety and financial support to cater medical emergencies, both COVID-19 related and otherwise, to them and their immediate family members.. Our goal is to help medical staff keep moving forward - healthy and safe. We are optimistic that by supporting over 10000 healthcare workers and their families across India today, we are setting up for a stronger tomorrow.


“We daily transfer COVID-19 suspected patient’s to hospital with a fear in mind to get infected from it and passing the infection to our families. We take pride in what we do. Only thing we need is our safety to serve you better.”

Sunil Singh

Ambulance Paramedic- Madhya Pradesh